liqueurs and more

The best and most delicious way … to choose and taste our Liqueurs
is in our showroom.
A place dedicated to taste, inspired by Sicilian tradition, a place to welcome you as guests and offer you many delicacies throughout the day.
But in the shop you don’t only find Liqueurs …

Sapuri Siciliano is a place dedicated to taste, the first concept store entirely inspired by the Sicilian tradition, a place where you can buy or taste many selected delicacies throughout the day …

  • Cold cuts and typical Sicilian cheeses

  • Rich salads

  • Sicilian wines

  • Extra virgin olive oil

  • Sicilian cannoli filled at the moment

  • Modica chocolate

  • Almond paste

  • Pistachio Paste

  • Sicilian preserves

  • Sicilian jams

  • Sicilian marmalade


Monday to Sunday: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

tel. +39 093166193
e-mail: info@sicilsapori.eu